By this Privacy Policy it means to help you understand what kind of data we collect and what we do with it. 
The confidentiality policy establishes sets of agreed rules applied in the case of data and information collected from the site of members who activate on the online platform. 
The online platform is strictly prohibited to people under 18 years of age and they are prohibited from viewing or interacting with other users on the site. 
READ CAREFULLY: by using this site, you agree to the use of this site, you agree with the site's policy and with the terms of confidentiality. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us by mail or you should not use the online platform. 
Registered members must carefully read all the terms and conditions of this site, as well as the privacy policy. In accepting the registration in the online platform, you agree with the way the site works and any conflicts will be notified by mail. 
We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of this, as well as the appearance, the options and the characteristics in terms of the mode of operation and the prices, at any time and without prior notice. 
We can also assure you that your data will be processed honestly and transparently, in accordance with the modifications imposed by the EU regulations following the protection of personal data 2016/679 ("GDPR"). 
What data we keep about you 
At each visit, the site automatically records your data about your IP address and the browser from which you have accessed our website. The IP address can be used by the site to help us diagnose problems that may occur using the site, as well as in the administration of the site, to obtain other demographic information about you, information that we can normally obtain with the IP address. 
We also keep: the user's name, email address, first and last name, gender, date of birth, location, address, marital status, work, short biography and their interests. Some of this information is necessary to create an account, some are not mandatory. 
How we process your data 
In addition to the aforementioned reason for the processing of your IP, we also use these algorithms to offer the best fits depending on the geolocation data we have of your IP. 
The matching algorithms also use your age, address or location, and gender preferences. 
We also use email or notifications (browser or mobile application) to send personalized offers, after the analysis of your profile. 
The platform cannot work with the activation of cookies. Here is a list of cookies created when you are using the site and the specification of who created it and for what. 
PHPSESSID - is created by our platform and has your evidence and that of your sessions. This is how we recognize it on the platform. 
__cfduid - cookie created by CloudFlare - Cloudflare, Inc. is an American company that is providing network services for the distribution of domain names, between visitor and distributor of cloudflare user hosting services, for websites. 
_ga - cookie created by Google Analytics. 
_gid - cookie module created by Google Analytics. 
_hjIncludedInSample - cookie created by HotJar - instrument that reveals the online behavior of users. 
cookie_law_accepted - another cookie created by our platform, used to verify whether or not you have accepted the cookie policy. 
* Cookies created by Pusher - a service we are using for real-time functions - 
* Cookies created by Google Maps 
* Cookies created by CloudSponge - a service used for the contact importer 
Data retention 
Implicitly, our systems save a member's profile data for 3 years, with the following exceptions. 
if the member did not request the deletion of an account (read that chapter) 
if the member is active at least once in 3 consecutive months or has a subscription / package for a longer period 
Share data 
The platform does not share the profile data of any member. We do not change or send personal information to a third party. In the case in which it will be necessary to share data with a third party, then the platform will explicitly ask that of the member and share all the details if that will be necessary. 
Delete account
Our platform services offer a "forget me" feature that permanently deletes all your personal data from our systems, as if you had never been a member. This process takes up to 30 days. After you send the request to delete the account, you will not receive any mail and you will have between 10 and 13 days to continue using it, while your request will be confirmed or you may change your mind about the request. 
After 13 days, your account is not accessible, and up to 30 days each information of your data will be deleted from all systems. 
You can send a request to delete the account from the Profile Notification settings - access Profile Information and click on Notifications. Below you should find a green cassette with a link to submit an account deletion. 
We have prepared a short guide that can help you with this procedure. You can find it here
Exercise your rights 
If at any time you want to know what information we process about you or if you do not want us to process your information or if you believe that the information we process is wrong or exceeded, you can ask to see this information and / or adjust or delete it with just contact us. 
If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your information, please contact us at the email address to investigate the problem. 
Get in touch 
You can contact us at any time here