Online Safety

The risks and dangers of being online. Helpful tips and tools you can use to keep your personal data safe online.

Inappropriate content, including pornography

Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to: words or images that attack, humiliate or defame a person. Content that threatens, discriminates, harasses, or insults including stalking. Representation of nudity, pornography or child abuse. Representation of excessive violence. Illegal content, gives instructions to carry out illegal or terrorist activities.

Skip age restrictions

Age limits are imposed to provide safety for the child, without feeling pressured by the idea of allowing you to register children on the website.

Exchange of personal information

Privacy Control can limit who can see your personal data, such as name, age and where you live. If someone logs in as your friend, that person will have access to your personal profile information. In this case, keep in mind who your friends are.