Cost per actions

Costs for each action on the platform 

For each action you take on the platform, it will cost you a number of credits. Below is the list of actions and their cost in credits:

     Upload gallery photo   1 credit    

     Send photo in chat     2 credits

     Comment photo     2 credits  

     Photo like     1 credit    

     Friend request     2 credits 

     Approve friedn request     1 credit  

     Chat individual message     1 credit  

     Who viewed my profile     5 credits 

     Video call in chat     25 credits    

     Chat audio call     30 credits  

     View photo from chat    6 credits


Credits from your account are valid for the duration of your subscription. If at the end of the subscription you still have credits in your account, you can unlock them by purchasing another subscription,
so the credits remaining in the account will be cumulated with the credits purchased through the last subscription.

Credits can be consumed before the end of the subscription period. In this case, when there are 0 credits in your account,
you will not be able to perform the above actions, but you will be able to receive chat messages, audio and video calls (if your subscription allows these calls).